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Diabetes affects over 400 million people in the world. 1.4 million American children and adults are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes each year.

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StraightShot Apparel makes adaptive clothing for people, making administering medication or giving injections easier.

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StraightShot Apparel™ is a company that creates adaptive clothing for people who require injection shots or access through clothing to administer medications.  CEO and Founder of StraightShot Apparel, Emily Guertler (15), is passionate about making life easier for patients and their caregivers after diagnosis.  In 2014, Emily’s youngest brother, at 5-years-old, was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes.  This changed his life and the life of their entire family.  Type-1 Diabetes is not preventable and is not cure-able.  It requires that a Diabetic take up to 5 injections per day when first diagnosed.  The American Diabetes Association recommends that injection sites are rotated between arms, legs, stomach and rear.  Giving injections in the same spots over and over again causes scar tissue to build up that can cause giving injections to be painful.  Wearing pants meant having to find a private place to give a shot in the leg or that arms were used more often increasing the frequency in which the scar tissue started to form/build up.  Emily saw a way to make life easier for her parents and for Linkin.  StraightShot Pants (patent pending).  A pair of pants with an access point in each thigh so injections could be given at any time in the leg without interrupting activity.

In 2016 Emily took her idea and enrolled in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy program through the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce.  Through that class, her business of StraightShot Apparel was born.  We are currently working on our clothing line.